Asian Trucker – a fully-fledged transport business meeting-point

Asian Trucker’s vision is to be, and to be regarded as the leading provider of communications channels for the commercial vehicle industry in South East Asia.

Meet your customers, suppliers and other industry decision-makers.

Asian Trucker – a fully-fledged transport business meeting-point

Asian Trucker started with a lubricant manufacturer asking, 'I want to boost sales for my heavy truck lubricants. How do I do that, where should I go?'
The obvious answer was, 'You put an ad into a truck magazine'. So, the client asked 'Then, find me a trucking magazine where I can advertise.'
However, even though transportation is a huge industry in Southeast Asia, we were amazed to find that there was no trucking magazine whatsoever to be found!
So, we started one ourselves, and six months later, the Asian Trucker Magazine was launched in Malaysia.

Today, Asian Trucker has established itself as the premium provider of communications channels for the commercial vehicle industry in South East Asia. 

Many ways of meeting customers, suppliers and other industry decision-makers. Which suits you the best?

Today, Asian Trucker has grown into a well-visited communications and meeting platform for the truck and bus industry in SE Asia. We offer several contact points with the industry - four print magazine editions, web site, e-news letter, events, seminars and our latest success, 'Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Exhibition' (MCVE), which was launched in 2013. The participants, readers and contributors of Asian Trucker platform are decision-makers within the bus, truck and construction machine industry. Key readers are decision-makers, managers and drivers at truck and bus fleet owners and operators, as well as drivers and managers in logistics companies and container port operators. Other stake-holders are decision-makers at suppliers and partners to the transport industry, such as vehicle manufacturing and sales, finance, insurance, fleet management companies, tires, parts and lubricants suppliers, and more. A third important reader group, to improve the overall business conditions and raise knowledge and interest about the industry as a whole, are local and national legislators and decision-makers within the public sector.

Magazines that your customers read

Today, we publish local editions of the Asian Trucker Magazine in three countries - Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. A Hong Kong edition was published for two years as a project to add value to our readers.

Each edition contains country-specific content tailored to the market as well as articles of overall, general interest that run in several editions. The magazine is a source of valuable market knowledge, insights, new products info and exciting trucking stories. Subscribe here to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry!

The magazines are widely read and has a strong readership base. Several people have made it a point to have a complete collection of all issues published, which is inspiring to us!

As an advertiser, you may use the magazine to promote your products in one or more countries, as you need it, when you need it. Creative advertising solutions are part of our offering, as well as tailored magazines to support your growth. For more information about our advertising offers, contact us now!

E-Newsletters with the latest news as early as possible

Our E-Newsletters keep our readers informed about the latest events in the industry, featuring interesting news, products and companies as well as presentations of thought leaders in the industry.

If you want to get your message out to the market, there is no faster way. To promote your products, we offer three different packages of sponsorship of the newsletters to give your brand the needed exposure. Contact now to feature your brand in the next e-newsletter.

Seminars and events with the people you want to attend

We regularly organize well-visited and praised events aimed at various sectors of the industry. If you would like to host an event for your company and products, contact us and let us handle the organization and staffing.

Not only do you save time and resources, you also get access to the magazine, the e-newsletter and our large data-base for announcements, invitations and post-event activities. That way you make sure you get the right people in the audience.

Companies like Shell, Michelin and Sinotruk are returning event customers of ours. They all find it a very cost-efficient and high-quality way of reaching their targets. Contact now for more info. 

The largest industry exhibition in SE Asia - (MCVE)

Asian Trucker Media is also a pioneer in trade exhibitions for the commercial vehicle industry. Organized and hosted by our dedicated team, the Malaysia International Bus, Truck and Component Expo (MIBTC) 2013 took the market by storm.

Over 8,000 square meters were taken up by exhibits and thousands of visitors came attended the expo. The Asian Trucker Networking night provided a superb venue for the industry to mix and mingle and to exchange thoughts and to catch up with long-standing partners.

Renamed to "Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo" in 2017, the event is now more aligned with the parent brand, Asian Trucker. We are currently gearing up for MCVE in 2021. Since the inaugrual event, the exhibition has grown by 40 %, adding more space for exhibitors and different components to attract delegates. Roundtables and a re-run of the Asian Trucker Networking Evening are just some of the activities that delegates can look forward to. To know more and secure your space needs, contact us as soon as possible via

Asian Trucker Drivers Club makes good drivers even better

The focus of this CSR initiative are the key people of the industry - the drivers.

Skillful drivers are highly sought after as their driving behaviour has a huge impact on the bottom line of transport companies. Also, they have to master the latest vehicle technology, the most sophisticated fleet management systems, road safety, and with market liberalization, understanding local rules and languages may be a crucial asset for truck drivers as well as for the employers, when carrying goods from country to country.

Therefore, Asian Trucker took the initiative to start a club for the Drivers, which will serve as a platform to help elevate the drivers' profession.

This club will be going the extra mile by providing valuable training to members to enhance skills and to keep up with the latest technical developments. Companies may register their drivers as incentive or to outsource their training to Asian Trucker. Besides training, the Club will also host memer events to meet and celebrate their profession. Several businesses have already pledged their support and we are planning to launch the Asian Trucker Drivers Club in other markets as well. Register now or contact us for more information.

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