A platform for drivers

Asian Trucker is all about trucks and trucking and we are passionate about everything related to the truck industry. After covering numerous truck launches and events, we found that many times, the most important driving force behind well-designed trucks and their companies are often not been given the right amount of importance – the Drivers.

Improving skills, offering support

Drivers are highly sought after, they need to keep up with the latest technology. Driving skills can have a huge impact on the bottom line of transport companies. Good drivers typically command a better salary and other privileges. In view of regional market liberalization, language skills may be a crucial asset for truck drivers to have when they carry goods from country to country.
Therefore, Asian Trucker took the initiative to start a club for the Drivers, which will serve as a platform to help elevate their profession by providing necessary skills and trainings.

A club with a purpose

The Trucker Drivers Club will be open to anyone that is interested in trucking and we will offer members valuable support for their jobs. The purpose of the clubs is to:

Elevate Malaysian Truck Drivers' profession and image
Act as a platform to upgrade Truck Drivers via suitable training, skills improvement and personal development seminars and workshops
Provide reference for Truck Drivers to improve their work and personal development
Serve as a platform for drivers and employers to communicate, seek drivers or employment
Regional Ambition

While we launch the Asian Trucker Drivers Club in Malaysia first, we are ambitious to bring the concept to other countries as well.
To learn more about the club: info@asiantruckerclub.com.my