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Asian Busses 29 Q1
Asian Busses 29 Q1MCVE 2022FEATURE STORY: SAFETY WITH SCANIA ADAS Download free Copy
Asian Busses 30
Asian Busses 30SuperNiceTour2022Road TripElectrified Across EuropeTech TalkWhat You Need to Know about Diesel Exhaust Fluid Download free Copy
Issue 25
Issue 25 Alliance for Action on Robotics Pilots Two Autonomous Bus Services Download free Copy
Asian Buses 26
Asian Buses 26 How to Make a Smooth Transition to Electric MobilityFEATURE STORY:The Diesel Engine: Powering through Decades Download free Copy
Asian Buses 27
Asian Buses 27Bus-iness Opportunities in Medical TourismFEATURE STORY:What is NXT for Scania? Download free Copy
Asian Buses 28
Asian Buses 28Fuelling an IndustryFEATURE STORY:In Depth with Volvo's BZL Download free Copy
Issue 22
Issue 22The Truth About RetreadsEVENTS:MCVE 2021 - Regional LaunchpadHISTORYMAN - Always Driven by Alternatives Download free Copy
Issue 21
Issue 21Petron Pumps its Business from the Philippines into MalaysiaSAFE ROADS:Volvo Supports Drivers with Safety FeaturesCOMPANY PROFILEWY Supreme Auto Parts Sdn Bhd Download free Copy
Issue 23
Issue 23The Longest Bus Journey in the World!ON THE GROUND:A Vital Industry at the Brink of Another Crisis?ENVIRONMENT:Better Together: Supernice and Scania Ecolution Download free Copy
Issue 24
Issue 24Tech in TransportationFEATURE STORY: Download free Copy
Issue 15
Issue 15The Truth About RetreadsEVENTS:MCVE 2021 - Regional LaunchpadHISTORYMAN - Always Driven by Alternatives Download free Copy
Issue 14
Issue 14Khimaira Partners with AirGo Design for a New Travelling ExperienceTHOUGHT LEADERSAn update from Scania’s CEOPRODUCT FOCUSFilters Look the Same, are the Same, are They? Petronas Lubricants Got You Covered Download free Copy
Issue 16
Issue 16Sendok Group Reveals Co-Star and Placer-XCELEBRATEUlu Pandan Bus Depot Hosts Bus CarnivalFEATURE STORYSC Auto Launches Asia’s first Integral Bus designed and Built in Singapor Download free Copy
Issue 13
Issue 13Composite Of Technology And Innovation Helps MG Mould E3SAFE ROADS:Microsleep - The Silent KillerEVENTS:CAPAS 2018 Download free Copy
A multi-criteria sustainability assessment for biodiesel and liquefied natural gas as alternative fuels in transport systems
A multi-criteria sustainability assessment for biodiesel and liquefied natural gas as alternative fuels in transport systemsThe incorporation of clean-fuel technologies has become essential for the sustainability of the transportation sector. Natural gas technology, especially the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG), has become a possible alternative to diesel oil in freight transport because of its acceptable autonomy and low fuel prices. For the introduction of this alternative fuel, freight companies need tools that allow them to perform an integrated assessment of relevant aspects related to environment, economy and social responsibility. This paper introduces a multi-criteria based methodology that integrates the key factors involved in the transport system: vehicles, infrastructure and fuels, and consideration of the three pillars of sustainability, as well as the reliability of technology, legislation and market issues. In particular, a case study for the impact assessment of LNG in comparison to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and diesel oil as regular long-haul freight transport fuels in Spain was developed. The information for the comparison process was obtained from peer-reviewed articles and reports from international and Spanish institutions, while the primary data was obtained through semi-structured in-depth interviews to the different stakeholders. A weighted sustainability index for each alternative was developed to integrate the data obtained through the analytic hierarchy process. The results indicate that LNG trucks would be an attractive option compared to diesel oil and HVO, provided that decision-makers give significant weight to social and environmental criteria, and that the government guarantees a legislative security to maintain the low taxes on natural gas. Integration of stakeholders allows making the most appropriate decision according to the objectives of the company. The application of the proposed methodology shows consistent results, which should ensure the success of a long-term alternative in the dynamic market for transportation fuels. Download free Copy
Issue 10
Issue 10MCVE 2017 Delivers on its promise Download free Copy
 Issue 11
Issue 11Scania Driver Competition Sees Malaysian Winner Download free Copy
Issue 12
Issue 12Focus on MAN at the Busworld Europe 2017 Download free Copy
Asian Buses Issue 6
Asian Buses Issue 6Daimler Opens Regional Centre In SingaporeFEATURE STORY:Soon Chow Workshop – Heritage and vision for the future HINO blossoms and weathers slowdownFUEL SAVINGSHow tyres contribute to optimised fuel consumption Download free Copy
Asian Buses Issue 5
Asian Buses Issue 5TransformationBUS FEATUREMAN Lions CoachINNOVATIONSLow-cost KERS Download free Copy
Asian Buses Issue 8
Asian Buses Issue 8J-Bus Gears up for a Safe FutureSPECIAL REPORTRunning a Bus Yard: German Style Download free Copy
Asian Buses Issue 7
Asian Buses Issue 7IAA 2016 Reminds you of What is Good in BusesFACILITIESMelaka SentralFUTURE TECHNOLOGYGreyhound Study Download free Copy
Asian Buses Issue 4
Asian Buses Issue 4MAN Celebrates 100 YearsFEATURE STORY:Bus Priority and BRT in Asia, Australia and New Zealand Download free Copy
Asian Buses Issue 3
Asian Buses Issue 3The BVB in Asia on MAN busSAFE ROADS:Keeping an eye on fatigueTECH TALKEURO Emission Norms Download free Copy
Asian Buses Issue 2
Asian Buses Issue 2MIBTC 2015BUS FEATURE:Scania MarcopoloTEST DRIVEFord Transit Download free Copy
Asian Buses Issue 1
Asian Buses Issue 1From this issue onwards, this magazine is called ASIAN BUSES and will replace the Asian Trucker Bus Special.COVER STORY:DieseltechnicLAUNCH:Vovlo Bus Chassis Download free Copy
Bus Special - Issue 2
Bus Special - Issue 2Volvo Mobility of the FutureFEATURE STORY:IAA GermanyNews & NotesMoving the Island: Rapid Penang Download free Copy