A Safe Volvo Bus Gives Big One Transport Service Confidence

Created: 04.August 2020

Shuttle and tour bus services are crucial offerings in the city state of Singapore. Ample capacity is needed to ensure that students, workers and tourists get to their destinations and back. Leon, owner of Big One Transport Service relies on a Volvo bus as the main asset for his business. The vehicle was acquired early in 2019 after his father in law, who has extensive years of experience in the transport service, recommended the brand.

“I was told that this bus is the perfect option. -Among other brands, I opted for a Volvo , as -it stands for safety, which was the main driving factor.” l Price of the bus was not so much of a deciding factor as other brands were also at the same price levels according to him. “Driving the Volvo bus has been easier as it offers more power than other brands I have used before.”

Leon also mentioned that the Volvo bus has helped him get more business. “First of all, it is a new bus, which gives customer’s confidence. Also customers have commented on the increased comfort and quiet nature of the bus.” One thing he recommends is that a proper test drive be done once any new bus is handed over. “There might be issues that the body builder has not fixed or not noticed. There are bound to be issues and one has to weed them out before putting the bus into daily operation,” he explained.
Although it is a tough and competitive business, Leon is confidentMBS2

that the Volvo bus will help him provide high levels of safe, reliable and comfortable transportation to his customers. For instance, the service interval of a Volvo bus is much longer than other brands, thus minimizing the downtime . He acknowledges that while the service cost may be a little bit more expensive, the overall cost of ownership is lower. With the bus, Volvo offered two free services and two years warranty on the driveline to get him started. This was coupled with a training to teach Leon on how to best use the bus, in order to operate it most economically. On a lighter note, he remarks that “The only thing we still have to do ourselves is the scheduling for the service”. Once scheduled, the service is fast and only takes me half day. Our trips vary in length and it is not possible for Volvo to predict on which day we should come in for the service.”