KEJARA Revamp Set To Reshape Road Safety

Created: 02.July 2020

When Tuan Haji Laili and his wife took over an express bus company in Kelantan back in 2009, they only had one goal in mind; to provide the public a service to fulfil their goals. The company, Perdana Express, started out with 4 buses and continued expanding to become one of the leading express bus provider from the East Coast region with a combined fleet of over 100 buses. Today, Perdana Express has become a premium brand that provides one of the most premium services to its customers through its investment in the right products and services.

Perdana Express’ success story went through an interesting journey as Tuan Haji Laili invested into the business with zero experience in express bus and long distance transportation. His forte is in the field of property development and construction while his wife is in management and accounting. However, the couple were determined to achieve their goal and succeed, and have been very diligent in ensuring that Perdana Express keep up the high standards that they have both set for the service.

Perdana Express understands that investing in the right bus brand is crucial. The bus needs to be sturdy to withstand the long distance driving elements and must be able to perform well with minimal impact to the environment as well as being safe and comfortable for both the passengers and the drivers. Upon doing extensive research, Tuan Haji Laili turned to Scania to provide a bus that meets his requirements. Perdana Express first purchased Scania buses back in 2010 and found the buses to have the right safety, comfort, performance and after-sales services that are in line with the company’s values.

“Scania buses have proven themselves to be the right vehicle for Perdana Express. They provide our business with very good uptime and more importantly reduced environmental impact,” commented Tuan Haji Laili, Managing Director of Perdana Express.

Perdana Express’ confidence is evident as Scania buses make up a majority of the company’s fleet and these buses have been ferrying passengers to major cities in Peninsular Malaysia safely and comfortably for more than a decade now.

Tuan Haji Laili added that Scania also provided the right services to complement the buses which contributed to Perdana Express’s success. He cited the financing of the buses via Scania Credit as an example as it was easy to conduct business with Scania Credit and the processes were systematic.The high-quality service by Scania’s skilled workshop personnel also ensure that Perdana Express buses are serviced properly giving the highest uptime to ensure that the buses can maximise the time spent on the road without any problems. Perdana Express also recently signed Maintenance and Repair & Maintenance contracts for an additional 78 of its buses to ensure its customers peace of mind during their travels.

Whilst having the right buses and services are important to the success of the business, Perdana Express did not forget that its business must also be a responsible and a good company in reducing its environmental impact. Perdana Express is adamant in ensuring its carbon footprint is reduced as it also makes business sense. For this to take place, the company once again went to Scania for its sustainable transport solutions, and this time with the Scania Ecolution partnership. Scania Ecolution’s goal is to further reduce the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of commercial vehicle operators that ultimately lead to further reduction in the total operating cost thus translating to a more sustainable and profitable business.

Upon signing as a Scania Ecolution partner back in November 2019, Perdana Express has been working diligently to ensure that it is reducing its CO2 emissions. This commitment is clear as within two months, Perdana Express has reduced its CO2 emissions by 4,052kg which is equivalent to planting approximately 60 trees that has been flourishing for the past one year. Perdana Express is also looking forward for the driver coaching as a method to improve its drivers’ performance behind the wheel that will in-turn improve the operational performance while reducing the overall fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

“The initial reduction in CO2 emissions is a good benchmark for us to aspire for better results. It is important for us as a premium brand to ensure that Perdana Express is able to provide our customers with the best services while taking care of the environment at the same time,” summarized Tuan Haji Laili.