Bus to Singapore - 2021

Created: 26.January 2021

As India celebrates its 72nd Republic Day, we are thrilled to announce the first-ever bus journey between India and Singapore - Bus to Singapore. After launching Bus to London in 2020, we bring you another breathtaking, historic and groundbreaking bus journey.

The participants on this expedition will traverse five countries (India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore), covering 4500 kilometres in 20 days. After reaching Singapore, the bus will embark on its maiden journey back home, taking the same route to reach India. Participants will have the option to join in from India to Singapore or on the return journey from Singapore to India. Both trips will cover the same route, distance and offer similar highlights and experiences. Anyone interested in joining the first season of Bus to Singapore can register their interest on the official website - www.bustosingapore.com.

The founders of Adventures Overland, Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal are avid road trippers. They have already driven in over 80 countries around the world, including a drive from India to Singapore and Singapore to India. They hold one Guinness World Record and 15 Limca Book of Records for long-distance driving expeditions as a team. After successfully organising a self-drive expedition from India to Bangkok in 2016 and three back to back expeditions from India to London by road famously known as Road to London in 2017, 2018 and 2019, Adventures Overland is organising this bus journey from India to Singapore. Previously, they have also led expeditions in Russia, Iceland, South America (Colombia to Argentina), Africa (Kenya to South Africa), Jordan, Alaska and many drives in the challenging terrains of the Himalayas.

"We share a common love for travel, and now we are thrilled to introduce the first bus service from India to Singapore with utmost comfort and luxury. Providing a niche and classy experience in a secure environment is our top priority. The entire route has been evaluated as we have already driven from India to Singapore. So, participants on Bus to Singapore can get on board with the knowledge and confidence that they are in safe hands." said Sanjay Madan, Co-Founder, Adventures Overland.

"Every single route in each country has been vetted to ensure that the journey is seamless. We take charge of documentation, paperwork, visas, and permits to ensure that participants' entire focus is on experiencing the journey. We ensure an experienced English speaking local guide is travelling with the group at all hours to ensure personal safety, smooth communication and travel. The bus on this epic journey is being customised to add all the necessities, comforts and luxuries which will ensure that participants travel in the lap of luxury from India to Singapore" added Tushar Agarwal, Co-Founder, Adventures Overland.

As a part of the trip, the participants will get to cruise upon the silky tarmacs of Asian Highway 1 - the longest highway network in Asia, explore thousands of pagodas in Bagan, witness Burmese culture and sample the exotic cuisine in Yangon (Rangoon). Add to it all the buzzing vibe of Bangkok and relaxing blue waters of the beach town of Krabi, and what the participants will have is one matchless experience indeed. They will also get to admire the scenic beauty of Mount Jerai and Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, spend time in the lap of luxury in Kuala Lumpur and finally cross the border and conclude the journey in the charming city of Singapore. The first season of Bus to Singapore is slated to flag off on 14th November 2021 from Imphal, Manipur