And the winners are… Solaris, Isuzu and MAN!

Created: 20.November 2021

The fifth edition of the Sustainable Bus Awards has its winners. The Solaris Urbino 15 LE Electric is a battery-electric bus that pushes the boundaries of e-mobility out of the city center and into the Class II segment. The Isuzu Kendo 13 CNG allows great mileage for intercity services, with the environmental benefits made possible by the use of Compressed Natural Gas. MAN Lion’s Coach raises the bar of comfort and sustainability in the long-distance coach segment.

The Sustainable Bus Awards 2022 were handed over during an online ceremony featured by UITP and Busworld with Senior Director Knowledge & Innovation Umberto Guida and Busworld Marketing & Communication Officer Inge Buytaert respectively.

The Sustainable Bus Award for city buses (‘Urban’ category) has acknowledged the Solaris Urbino 15 LE Electric, unveiled in October 2020, the first e-bus in Solaris history to be available also in Class II version. Among intercity buses, the Isuzu Kendo 13 CNG has been crowned with
the Sustainable Bus Award 2022. The MAN Lion’s Coach has won the prize as most sustainable coach. The jury represents seven European countries, each of one is embodied by a leading sector-related magazine. Namely: Mobilités Magazine (France), Busfahrt (Germany), AUTOBUS (Italy), Infotrucker (Romania), Revija Tranzit (Slovenia), Carril Bus (Spain), Bus and coach professional (UK). 

Sustainable Bus Award 2022 Urban: Solaris Urbino 15 LE Electric

The 3 axles architecture of this bus improves comfort and stability, it can also be homologated for both Class 1 and Class 2. It is equipped with a full package of the latest safety electronic tools together with real time fleet monitoring and tracking. This electric vehicle is fitted with 6 battery packs with a total capacity of 470 kilowatt/hours and can be charged by plug-in connector. On request, the bus can be equipped with a pantograph recharging system. Last but not least, it’s the first bus equipped with ZF central motor CeTrax.

Sustainable Bus Award 2022 Intercity: Isuzu Kendo 13 CNG

With a full safety package made of all the latest electronic tools together with fleet management services, this vehicle’s very low emissions are allowed by the 320 HP CNG Cummins engine that provides the same performance as the diesel equivalent with clear benefits on the environmental side. The 81 percent of the vehicle components can be recycled. 

Last but not least, is features the highest CNG tank capacity in its class. Tanks are placed on the roof without compromising the overall height, the space in the luggage compartment, and the very good design of the vehicle.

Sustainable Bus Award 2022 Coach: MAN Lion’s Coach

This coach has impressed the jury for several reasons. With the longest version it can offer space for 61 passengers with the lowest CO2 emission per passenger.
The 510 Hp engine is 100 percent compatible to alternative fuels such as HVO and Bio-Diesel. The maximum torque is available at a very low RPM with clear benefits for the general vehicle efficiency.

The vehicle is equipped with all the latest connectivity tools such as predictive maintenance and fleet management. It offers a full package of infotainment tools together with a new generation of seats made by recycled materials.