Life of a Trucker During MCO

Created: 24.April 2020

Azri Hasan is a truck driver of more than ten years with Antik Sempurna Sdn Bhd. Since 2009, Azri has been transporting starch to food facilities, factories and cardboard processing facilities whereby starch is used to produce adhesive materials. As Malaysia went into lockdown when the Movement Control Order was put in place, Azri knew that he carried a bigger responsibility of transporting starch to his customers who were in essential businesses such as food.

Speaking to Asian Trucker in a phone interview, Azri shared that since Malaysians are advised to stay at home during the MCO, traffic on the roads have been significantly lesser, allowing him to make more deliveries in a day. “Sure there are road blocks stationed along major roads but commercial vehicles have a dedicated lane so that speeds up the process significantly” said Azri.

Azri further added that it is important that as truck drivers, they continue working during these tough times. “Some fellow drivers have shared with me that they are afraid to work during this period as they come across many people during their job, but in my opinion, if we do not continue to deliver these ingredients to food processing facilities, the facilities will not be able to produce t