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Published: 07 October 2022

Convinced: Bumimas adds a Second HAMMAR Sideloader

Bumimas Food manufacturing Sdn Bhd (Bumimas) trialled their first HAMMAR Sideloader in mid 2020. Since then, the company has been utiliised their first unit heavily and concluded that they could use a second one. Speaking to Mr Kelvin Lim, Asian Trucker said that the second unit is part of a business expansion of 10 new Volvo trucks.  

“This new Sideloader is making it easier for the drivers tasked with shunting. The process is fast for our moving, loading and unloading of containers, which gives us an advantage,” Lim said. Bumimas now operates two HAMMAR Sideloaders.  

The unit delivered is a Hammar 119 HS. This model is a specially designed model for the Malaysian market, a result of the latest Sideloader technology from Hammar. This model is designed for high versatility, safety, and easy and efficient transfer operations. It will be available with up to 40 metric tonnes Safe Working Load (SWL) and is tested with 50 metric tonnes static load. The model will be able to stack without shortening the container chains and is expected to have a considerably lower tare weight than the standard Hammar 195 in Malaysia.