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Published: 25 October 2022

Time for a Tyre Changer

There are several good reasons why fleets should invest in a tyre changer, insourcing this process. Firstly, with a tyre changer in the own workshop, downtime and waiting times are eliminated. There is no time wasted driving to the workshop to have tyres changed. With the current shortage of (foreign) labour, workshops now have limited capacity and tyres may not get changed right away. With a tyre changer on site, swapping tyres is fast, efficient and less labour intensive as there is no longer a need to drive to the workshop.

Using a Rotary tyre changer, the process is highly automated and does not require a lot of manual labour or strength. One customer that recently invested in one such machine now manages to change up to 200 tyres per day in their own workshop. With an estimated cost of only RM 6 per tyre, the ROI is quickly calculated. Comparing the process using the Rotary tyre changer with the traditional method of prying the tyre off the rim, the Rotary machine also offers protection of the rim, the tyre (important for retreading) and the health and safety of the worker operating it.

“By having such equipment in your own workshop, you enhance uptime, reduce wastage and efficiently manage the vehicle. Globally, we see a trend to insource this kind of operation as the ROI on such capital equipment is rapidly reached,” Nathan Vagg, Business Development Manager – Asia Pacific, Rotary.

Thanks to advancements in technology, the Rotary tyre changer is extremely easy to use. Previously, as Vagg noted, one would have skills to change tyres. Not so with the Rotary tyre changer, which makes it look like child’s play and thus suitable for any workshop.