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Published: 15 January 2022

Volvo is Celebrating 200 000 chassis in Borås

Since 1977, Volvo's Borås factory has manufactured bus chassis for the global markets now reaching the milestone of 200 000 units produced. The chassis number 200 000 was their latest Volvo BZL Electric, a coincidence, but of high probability since the brand has been ramping up the production of this particular after the recent launch.

Even though number 200 000 was an BZL Electric, over 50 different chassis models have been made in Borås and some of the most popular models were the Volvo B10M, Volvo B7R/B7RLE and the Volvo B11R.

The Borås factory is Volvo's industrial hub for chassis production for global markets and is one of the first bus production facilities that relies solely on renewable energy. All the energy that the factory uses comes from renewable sources, such as hydropower and biofuels. If you would like to read more

The picture is from the occasion when Volvo celebrated chassis number 200 000. In the picture there are some employees from the Borås plant including Joakim Wretman, Vice President Operations, Borås and Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses.