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Published: 25 April 2012

Company profile: WSI Models - Scale Truck Models

WSI Models B.V. is originally a Dutch company and is an international market leader in the production of truck, trailer, crane, and earth fill vehicle scale models. WSI Models B.V. is renowned for its high-quality and unique level of detail. Thanks to their many years of experience in the transport world and knowledge of scale models, they are able to create perfect scale models of the real machines. Their motto is: the highest quality for an honest price.

WSI Models B.V. has its own production facility in Dongguan, China. There they produce their scale models within a ‘’lean’’ environment, with attention to environmental concerns. Whether you have a preference for scale, type or industry, the core values of WSI Models are expressed in every model.

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WSI Models is a confirmed sponsor of our networking event on May 17th in Kuala Lumpur.