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Published: 07 March 2019

Siphonblock AFT Product News

Siphonblock AFT, Malaysia’s leading Anti siphon device manufacturer for Heavy Trucks, Construction and Agricultural Machinery is keeping up with some changes to the Malaysian Market. And attracting some possible Business from a few ASEAN markets.
• With the introduction of B10 Bio diesel, Siphonblock has undertaken tests to ensure that they can provide a Gasket that can be used with Bio-diesel fuel. An essential requirement for anyone wanting to use Biodiesel. To ensure there is no leakage of fuel where the device fits to the Trucks tank neck. Compliant with Regulation R34.

• New devices coming to market shortly are the Siphonblock 110B3 for the Chinese Brands marketed by the Hong Seng Group and the Siphonblock 80T for the TATA Prima Range of trucks. So we now offer devices for about 99% of the trucks sold and operating in Malaysia.

• With our recent advertising we have been getting some interested potential partner enquiries from the Philippines and Vietnam. We are however, looking for Partners in all the ASEAN markets but Indonesia and Laos especially. We have had a partner in Thailand since 2012.

Fuel theft happens everywhere! But maybe not Saudi Arabia – diesel’s reported to be cheaper than water!
For more information contact:

Graham +6019 553 9195 (English)
Chong +6016 209 7783