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Published: 30 March 2020

MAN - Tips for When Your Vehicle Stands for a While

Tip 3 - Drain compressed air reservoir
Dry the area on the water drain valve 1 and  pressed the drain valve 1 from the side using a suitable tool.
*only air should emerge, if condensation emerges
- Drain entire compressed air reservoir.
- Drain the compressed air reservoir again after a week. 

- If condensation persists please contact local MAN service center.

Tip 4 – Warming up

The coolant temperature increases very slowly at idling speed under little load. Therefore, do not run the engine to warm it up at  a standstill.

Instead, warm up engine under medium load. This is the most efficiency way for the engine, gearbox, and drive axles to reach their operating temperature .

Tip 5  - Engine operating oil pressure
Make sure the oil pressure at the range (1.2 to 1.5 bar) when idling.
Same process as tip 2 (See Tip 2 here) to check engine oil pressure, with engine running.