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Published: 07 July 2020

Valvoline Introduces BioDiesel Compatible Engine Oil Range

With the world’s automotive industry going through a rapid transformation with tightening emission norms across the world, even the type of fuel required is changing rapidly.

One such change is the use of BioDiesel in many South East Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand where B10, B20 is becoming the new reality. For efficient performance, the engine needs to be clean and free of deposits, as deposits lead to reduced acceleration and power loss. With such a high content of biodiesel, normal engines oils are struggling to keep the engine clean.

Valvoline, a leading worldwide marketer and supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, has introduced an advanced range of engine oils which are BioDiesel compatible.

“Valvoline All Fleet Premium and All Fleet E700 Plus engine oils help protect the engine against oxidative thickening due to the use of BioDiesel,” says Vikas Kapur, Director, Rest of Asia, Valvoline International. “With better oxidation resistance and protection against corrosion, these products deliver exceptional performance, even with BioDiesel.”