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Published: 21 December 2017

From virtual reality to reality, this trucker is living the life he played on screens

Amir is a young lad from Alor Setar, Kedah passionate about the trucking industry. The second out of four children graduated in Quantity Surveying. Despite that, he found his passion for driving trucks while playing the game Euro Truck Simulator 2. He realised that it was a fun work that allowed him to see local sights and yet will bring in a decent pay. 

The game allows players to select trucks from seven real life truck makers to “start a business” and the one that attracted Amir’s attention was the truck from Scania. Then he stumbled upon a poster for a job vacancy by PKT Logistics as a Smart Trucker. The poster depicted a graduate in uniform driving a Scania truck. The poster really stood out to Amir so he took a leap of faith to be a truck driver.

The position also offers a career path for Amir in the core supply chain in the next two to three years to come. After driving a truck for almost two years, there will definitely be moments that are unforgettable. The one that he recalls as the most memorable was when he was waiting for a feeder vessel from West Port in Port Klang at 3AM in the morning, two hours before it was due to anchor at the Penang Port Wharf when suddenly he had to receive an urgent container from Japan.

It was during this event that Amir learnt the planning involved in unloading containers from vessels and it was an intriguing experience for Amir. “It was a good learning experience and I am sure what I learnt during this day will serve as a useful knowledge in my career.”

Talking about his experience on the roads, Amir is glad he has not been involved in any road accidents since he started driving trucks. He has received videos and photos from other truckers the aftermath of road accidents and they serve as a constant reminder to always prioritise safety while on the roads, be it for him or other road users.