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Published: 25 July 2022

Isuzu's Newest Next Generation Giga Heavy Duty Trucks Built for Greater Efficiency

The recently introduced next generation Isuzu GIGA heavy-duty trucks range, which is the first full model change since Isuzu launched the first generation in 1994 in Japan, is a strong indication of the company’s ambition to strengthening its presence in the heavy-duty segment. The new GIGA range comprises five new models built with powerful stature, strong performance and greater comfort, paving the way for Isuzu to capture a larger market share in Malaysia’s heavy-duty and
prime mover segment.

The trucks include the ‘C’ and ‘E’ series which are model CYZ420 rigid trucks with 7-speed manual transmission, EXR420 4x2 and EXZ460 6x4 prime mover models that are available in up to 16- speed manual transmission and automated manual transmission (AMT). These trucks have Euro 3 emission standard with 15.6-litre 6WG1 engine capable in producing pulling strength at 420 and 460 horsepower.

Models with the AMT Smoother-GX transmission ensures a smooth start by reducing the gear shift shock. This feature also automatically controls both the accelerator and shift changes to improve fuel economy and to provide a much more comfortable driving experience and less driver fatigue.

With higher power, performance and stature, these new Giga trucks are ideal for demanding operations for the construction, heavy haulage and bulk delivery industries.
For maximum safety, the trucks are also equipped with the Isuzu Safety Plus platform which offer key safety features including anti-lock braking system (ABS), SRS airbag for driver and brakes override accelerator (BOA). 

Atsunori Murata, Chief Operating Officer, Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd said, “This new Giga range is inspired by the Japanese concept of ‘Meri Hari’ (“メリハリ“), which means balance. This is achieved by harmonising toughness and power with that of comfort and economy by embodying strength and innovation on the cab exterior and perfected functionality, comfort and spaciousness in the cab interior.” 

The cab shape has been optimized to a cubic form to achieve the best-in-class aerodynamics which significantly reduces the coefficient of drag and air pressure on the body or trailer front by gently diverting the air flowing around the cab. Thus, there is better cooling performance which is an important component of clean exhaust gas, reduction of noise from strong winds, safer driving journey and lesser amount of fuel being consumed by the trucks. 

Putting a strong focus on truck drivers, the cab interior of the new GIGA trucks features European standards ergonomic design for more driver-friendly features, better operability and increased comfort. A key feature for the prime mover models is the ISRI brand high-performance seat with an integrated seat belt produced by the prominent German company ISRINGHAUSEN.

This seat is highly popular in Europe especially for very long-distance driving and its flexibility to accommodate a wide array of body types. For example, this seat can accommodate people with up to 2 meters in height and 150 kg in weight. Other features include seat warmer and cooling ventilation, and various adjustments such as tilt structure, reclining angle, shoulder adjustment, lumbar support and more to better fit different body shapes and preferences. 

The dashboard is designed with a semi-round instrument panel which aggregates switches near the instrument cluster and panel. The farthest edge of the instrument panel has been extended forward by 160 mm at a 20° angle to improve usability without the driver feeling cramped. As the various switches are neatly arranged in zones based on usage frequency, this enables a more efficient and smoother operating environment.

The instrument cluster graphics have been carefully deliberated on with regard to the division of space priority placements and font type to ensure easy viewing and comprehension of information at a glance for the driver. 

In the instrument cluster is a 4-inch LCD multi-information display meter which displays variousimportant information for the driver such as the driver assistance, transmission, utility and always-on display areas. The main display is arranged on a compact T-shaped guideline to ease viewing and increase safety.

On top of that, the multi-information display meter and cruise control can also be operated via the steering wheel which now contain relevant switches. This is a new feature in Isuzu trucks which can significantly improve operability and safety while driving. The size of the steering wheel has also been reduced by 20 mm, as compared to other previous Giga models, by decreasing the steering operation force to improve maneuverability. 

The cab interior is also optimized and is more spacious with ample storage compartments to keep stems safely and neatly stored, such as the header tray, cup holders, center console box with lid for storing items like keys, center top tray for storing items like handphones and large door pocket on the driver side which is useful for storing items like handy sized maps and notepads.

Both the opening height and width of the driver and passenger doors have been increased to significantly expand the area of the opening for ease of entry and exit. In addition, serviceability is improved with designs such as larger cab tilt angle and easy-to-remove headlight rim without having to detach the bumper.