To the drivers who always wonder if they are hitting the sweet spot, weather to shift up or what is the optimal revolution range that uses the least amount of fuel, these are the reasons why Quester was developed by UD Trucks. UD Trucks is part of the Volvo Group, and the Quester is made using the Volvo Group's production system after UD joined the Volvo Group.

Quester is the first truck from a Japanese manufacturer to offer hub reduction axles. Two of the configurations have optional bogie lifting axles which help to minimize the fuel consumption and tire life. Some interesting facts:

1. Quester’s titled cab, with engine exposed. The roof hatch doubles as an escape route in the case of accident or fire.

2. The real- time Fuel Coaching System helps drivers to capitalize on engine efficiency while using less fuel.

The Hexagon goes all the way back to the shape found on the grill of the ‘Cab Over Truck’ in 1960. The shape is been used modestly in the Quon and Condor (previous truck by UD Truck), but now it’s very distinctive and prominent on Quester.

The design of the “hexagon concept”, which is personified in the front grill represents: tough, smart, distinctive, harmonized, caring and supportive. These points lets Quester completely convey the UD Trucks product design of philosophy “Dependable Tools with Soul”.

Quester’s cab has a distinctive and dynamic exterior with a unique slanted from inspired by modern skyscraper and a tower as a symbol of growth markets. Driving distance is no longer a problem when you can have so much comfort while driving with Quester.

“This truck has gone through both European and Japanese product development testing and standards, so it has been tested to the highest and most difficult standards that are in the industry today” said Ian Sinclair, Product Management Director.

“We’re itching to roll Quester out for the customers, because we’re sure that they’re going to be very pleased with what they see” Sinclair adds. In order to create something original and not a copy of existing product, the group of UD Trucks had changed their attitudes and their thinking by developing a truck that’s fully adapted to the Asian ecosystem.

There are two engine choices, the 8-litre GH8E and the 11-litre GH11E, each available in three to four different horsepower ratings, depending on the configuration. No doubt, Quester is definitely range for any task.