Mitsubishi FUSO says "Thank You for Supporting Our Growth".

The contest from Mitsubishi FUSO that had received very positive response back in 2006 is running once again this year with the second Mini Lucky Draw held at Connexion at Nexus, Bangsar South. The first round of the Mini Lucky draw was held on 30th April 2014, the second Mini Lucky draw will be in August and the Final Lucky draw will be in January 2015.

Due to the demand from the customers and in line with the 10th anniversary of FUSO, a Mercedes C200 became the grand prize for the final lucky draw at the end of the year.

The First Round Mini Draw Prizes:

1st Prize: RM20 000 of Holiday Voucher
2 Prizes: RM10 000 of Holiday Voucher
3 Prizes: RM5 000 of Holiday Voucher
10 Consolation prizes: RM1 000 for Service and Parts Voucher

The first winner in the first round of the Mini Lucky draw was G Shank Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd, the second winner was from Sun Engle Food Industries Sdn Bhd and the third winner was On Hing Enterprise Sdn Bhd. Those who did not win in the first round of the Mini Lucky Draw will have another chance in the second round, to be held in August.

“I would like to say a big thank you to FUSO for giving such reward to customers. I did not expect to win anything today, but suddenly my customer has won the first prize of the Mini Lucky draw. To me that is more than lucky,” said Mr Ng Fook Min, Huan Sin Cycle Motor Sdn Bhd.

“We are very happy to represent our customer as the second prize winner. Actually we were hoping to get the first prize, but the second prize is also considered valuable to us. We look forward for Mitsubishi FUSO to continue this contest from year to year so that our customers can have a chance to win more prizes,” said Mr Liew Thian Loy, Pengadang Baru Motors Sdn Bhd.

“I have been a FUSO customer for seven years and I am very confident to say that we are improving in understanding our customers' needs. We have received lots of positive feedback and support. Everyone knows that we deliver a flexible package and the contest today showed that we are in growth mode and therefore we need to reward our customers,” said Mr Jacky Tan, Senior Manager of Retail Sales and Product Management of Mitsubishi FUSO.