While the resume that Hyva draws could be as simplistic as our headline, there is more to the success of their participation at IAA 2016. We met with the South East Asian Team at their booths.

One thing visitors notice is that there are a lot of Hyva staff at the booth. And for a very good reason. Customers from all over the world flock to the stand, wanting to discuss things at the IAA while meeting with the people responsible for their respective markets. With close to 75% of exhibitors needing hydraulic cylinders at the IAA using Hyva, there is a lot of pride to be felt too.

Since we met the entire team last at the previous IAA, Hyva has fully rolled out the Alpha lifts and has given their entire product range a make-over. Hyva’s crane range also saw an overhaul with added functionalities and an improved design, making them even more appealing visually. In line with the update of the products, Hyva also rolled out new waste collection and handling products in the Middle East, African and Far East.

Having invested heavily in the update and extension of the product range, Hyva took the opportunity to showcase the new products in an added outdoor area. Doubling the size of their usual booth indoors, the company parked a number of cranes, a skiploader a hookloader and other items outside for interested parties to see and try.
“Are we happy with the results of this event? Absolutely!” we heard Hyva’s regional heads say in unison. It is the customers’ confidence in the products that puts a smile on the faces of the Hyva staff present. Talking about key trends, Hyva identified two developments. Firstly, the need for faster tipping and secondly, the move towards weight reductions. While the former is important in mining and similar applications where short tipping times matter, the latter is crucial when it comes to long haul applications where the process of lifting or tipping is not a large part of the entire process.

For the South East Asian region Hyva is confident that the Alpha series will gain further market share. Also, waste handling, cranes and the FFB crane are applications well suited for the region. TO support further growth, Hyva has decided to open an office in Hanoi, Vietnam. Having spent some nine months in Malaysia to get ready, Eng. Jeffrey Zuidgeest is now heading east to handle the affairs for the brand in his new market. Setting up a team is a challenge, according to him, as one has to start from scratch with a complex product. However, given the support by the HQ and surrounding countries, he is confident to be leading the brand to success.
Keeping everyone in suspense, a Hyva representative mentioned that there are now developments underway to further enhance the product portfolio. However, we were asked to come back for IAA 2018 to see what these products might be.