Not just cars owners, but truck operators can as well choose colours from three themes to suit their personality and vehicle.

Nippon Paint Malaysia Group (“Nippon Paint”) unveiled the Automotive Trend Colour 2016/17 which comes in 39 colours based on three key themes – Wander-Lust, New Eco and We Are One.

Optimised for the automotive industry, Automotive Trend Colours 2016/2017 are based on the Asia Pacific Chromazone Colour Forecasting Workshop that was organised by Nippon Paint in collaboration with Colour Marketing Group. The initiative brought together 80 design professionals from across Asia to develop a truly Asian colour palette.

The Automotive Trend Colour initiative aims to be the reference point for professionals and users in automotive industry that includes cars, motorcycles, helmets and others besides commercial vehicles. The automotive colours were each given a persona and story for consumers to truly call a colour their own.

“Our paint can also be used for trucks, but unfortunetly not all colours are allowed by the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) because there are certain standards imposed by JPJ that truck operators needs to follow,” said Mr Alex Yoong, Assistant Generel Manager (Marketing) of Nippont Paint Malaysia Group.

“Taking leadership on colour innovations and our focus in the Asia markets, we at Nippon Paint are introducing these colours that are set to drive the trend for the current and coming years. We understand that motor vehicles are not merely modes of transportation but an extension of our personality and an emblem of our achievements in life. Similarly, just like decorative coatings, automotive colours can also be used as a platform for self-expression and this is an important facet for our consumers,” said he added.