Spare parts are crucial for keeping truck fleets moving. Diesel Technic is a major player in the aftermarket scene and enjoys a good reputation for excellent service and one of the widest ranges of parts for major brands. In Thailand, as anywhere else in the world, DT Spare Parts are being sold via distributors. Asian Trucker met with the founder of Nam Bamrung Auto Parts Ltd., Part. In order to find out more about the ins and outs of spare parts distribution.

Taking a no-nonsense approach, the Bangkok based business has built a solid reputation that transcends the borders of Thailand.

Located in the heart of Bangkok is the headquarters of Nak Bamrung. It has been in the same spot since the founder, Mr Kimchuan, Techatanakitlert, has set it up in 1980. Meanwhile he has another outlet and his son, Chankit Techatanakitlert, is also taking a keen interest in the business. Nak Bamrung has been a Diesel Technic distributor since 2007; as we conduct our interview the latest certificate authenticating the business as a legitimate distributor was handed over by Paul Chan, Sales Manager of Diesel Technic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Humble Beginnings
Techatanakitlert Sr started out working for another distributor for six years, mainly handling Japanese trucks. Following that, he got his hands on some European brand trucks and learned his way around that. Seeing an opportunity, he left his employment after being unhappy with the direction his bosses were taking. One of the problems he had was that he was lacking capital. He took out loans for what he needed and promised to repay through hard work. Taking a no-nonsense approach and the idea that one has to keep any promise made, the business began to flourish. One of the contributing factors to his success was the trust given by distributors in Singapore, where he also built a solid reputation.
Diesel Technic has been supplying parts since 2007 to Nak Bamrung, starting with simple parts, such as nozzles. From there the portfolio has been expanded continuously.

Boost from Singapore
A huge boost of confidence came from the market when Diesel Technic opened up the regional headquarters in Singapore. “Since then, the business with Diesel Technic has taken off. The sales volume has quadrupled and the support we are receiving has had a positive impact on our business,” he said. The proximity to the warehouse now allows for fast deliveries. Within three days, Nak Bamrung will receive parts they order from Singapore. This has also led to an influx of new customers, of which they count 20 until now.

Advantage Diesel Technic
When asked why he chose Diesel Technic, Techatanakitlert explains “Diesel Technic is able to provide a wide range of products. Thanks to the support we get, we have been able to secure more customers. Good service for us is defined as fast delivery, better price support when we need to react to the market forces and lastly, the perception of European brands here is very good.” In working with the German company, Nak Bamrung is also happy to note that the distribution channels do not change randomly and are based on mutual trust and confidence. In his opinion, in business, one cannot just reap the rewards of the work, one sometimes also needs to take responsibility. And this is where Nak Bamrung stands with their name for quality products and services. One thing that he highlights is that there has been a paradigm shift. Some 30 years ago, there was only “Win”, meaning that a distributor would never have to make any concessions. However, things have changed and today, a distributor has to take on responsibility and work with the principal to address issues, rather than just skirting around them. It is a circle. Good products are supporting the distributors and happy customers return to the distributor for quality products. Nowadays, constant feedback to the principal, here Diesel Technic is part of the partnership that helps to improve the business.

Modern Needs
Back in the days, it was good enough to just have DT Spare Parts nozzles in the portfolio. Over the years, the demands towards Nak Bamrung have changed and today, customers require a full range of spare parts. However, in the case of Nak Bamrung, the hot items are mainly undercarriage parts. That said, Nak Bamrung has, of course, access to the entire range of products from Diesel Technic, as and when needed by clients. Having grown substantially, today the company employs some 14 staff, while four family members are involved in the enterprise.
Focusing on the top line performance, rather than the bottom line performance, the strategy is to service clients that would come to Nak Bamrung, rather than chasing them. Clients from the provinces typically visit the outlets to collect their parts. This way, the company is also kept lean with less staff than one may expect. “This is a volume game!”, is the summary.

Next Generation
Following in the footsteps of the founder is his son, Chankit Techatanakitlert. Having studied in Australia, he returned to Bangkok to help in the business. Coincidentally, Techatanakitlert Jr has been with the company for 10 years by now. “What I enjoy is to address the question of what our customers need. Solving problems may sound like a challenge. But it is really a rewarding task as one is building relationships with the clients.”

Looking ahead, Nak Bamrung is planning to open another warehouse to further enhance the support of clients. Supporting this ambition is Chan. “Our goal is to make the Diesel Technic brand more known, to increase brand awareness. Although very ambitious, we want to see our blue and white boxes everywhere,” he says with a smile. Having a positive meaning to Chinese, the name Nak Bamrung beacons good fortune. “The timing must be right. So has to be the place and the people involved.”

Techatanakitlert Sr finishes by saying that “When you start a business, it helps to have a name that is easy to remember. Please remember Nak Bamrung the next time you need a spare part for your truck.”

The Diesel Technic Group is one of the largest suppliers of commercial vehicle spare parts in the Independent Aftermarket (IAM). The global network of subsidiaries and authorized distribution partners ensures the local supply of spare parts and individual support of customers in over 150 countries. Distribution partners and their customers value Diesel Technic as a reliable Full-Service-Partner.

The Diesel Technic Group includes, in addition to the headquarters in Germany, subsidiaries in France, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Italia, Dubai and Singapore. Worldwide, the Diesel Technic Group employs more than 650 people from 30 countries.

Diesel Technic Italia S.r.l. is our new subsidiary in Italy (located in Verona) and it started its operative business on 2nd Nov 2016