On display during the trade show was the Gran Max Auto Transmission Panel Van as well as a conceptualized hydraulic tipper which was perfect for transporting materials such as sand, stones and gravel grains.

To further project the adaptable features of the Gran Max, Daihatsu collaborated with a notable Malaysian hijab brand, MUMU Scarves, where practicality of the panel van was showcased through its transformation into a mobile boutique van. The mobile vehicle was also given some enhancements through the installation of selected body kits such as daytime running lights, bull bar, body side moulding, side mirror cover, sun visor, scuff plate and sets of 15-inch sport rims.

Also on display was a mobile café custom built to resemble a Big Apple Donuts & Coffee food truck. Daihatsu Malaysia intended to promote the versatility of the Gran Max by fabricating it into an actual vending truck equipped with kitchen appliances and display machineries suited into an operational food truck.

President and Chief Executive Officer of MBM Resources and Managing Director of Daihatsu Malaysia, Dr Iqbal Shaharom shared his views on the alternate uses of commercial vehicles. “The use of commercial vehicles has transformed over the years. Gone were the days where it is just used to get from Point A to Point B. Nowadays, commercial vehicles are used as food trucks, delivery vehicles as well as mobile boutique to meet the current market trend in Malaysia. Attendees to the show will be able to witness the transformation of the Gran Max to reflect its durability, versatility, practicality and reliability” he concluded.