On 2Oth December 5, 2018, Foton Motor's 2019 Annual Conference for Asian Region was held in Da Nang, Vietnam. 120 dealers and partners from 16 countries of Asia Pacific attended the meeting. The conference aims to cooperate in depth with partners to promote the localization of Foton Motor in the Asia Pacific market, in the theme of "Customer Focused, Investment and Cooperation".

At the conference, Foton Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established. This is also the second national operating company registered by Foton Motor in Southeast Asia after Thailand. Foton Motor will increase the construction in local part warehouses, call centers and service systems and carry out in-depth cooperation with local partners in fields of vehicles and parts manufacturing.
Foton Motor also released three strategic models matching the advanced technologies of the world's leading corporations.

AUMARK S light-duty truck is built on a new platform and positioned as a mid- to high-end professional logistics vehicle used in cities. With Foton Cummins efficient power, the product will be greatly improved in power, fuel, noise reduction, and weight.

AUMAN EST and EST-M medium- and heavy-duty truck series, targeting at medium and long-haul transport and efficient logistics market, matches with Foton Daimler Automotive technology, and be equipped with Foton Cummins power, Foton ZF transmission. Through the intelligent power system, smart auxiliary driving and fleet management systems, FOTON AUMAN EST series can further satisfy the users' requirements of high efficiency and low operation cost.

The three products released by Foton Motor focus more on the full life cycle cost (TCO). They are product solutions provided by Foton Motor through its leading technology resources and technological innovation, aiming to cater to the global smart logistics trends and provide users with a more efficient and better driving experience.

The three products have been launched in Colombia, Chile, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, and Myanmar. As a highlight, Foton Motor launched a 3-year-7-country racing plan of "FOTON AUMAN EFFICIENT LOGISTICS TRUCK RACING CHAMPIONSHIP". It has undoubtedly demonstrated that with the strength endorsement of Foton Daimler Automotive, Foton Motor has good expectations and great confidence in the performance of AUMAN EST series. The race will guide the truck drivers to use correct driving habits and advocate an efficient, fuel-saving and comfortable driving experience.