Early May saw a big push from FUSO Thailand to further gain market share and to align dealers with the Daimler Way and values of the brand. In a two-day event, the truck maker invited dealers, customers and partners like body builders to a comprehensive session with workshops, networking opportunities, test drives and opportunities to shape the future of the brand in Thailand.

Held in the Amata Castle, just an hour outside of Bangkok, the venue offered a lot of insights and chances for exchanges. During the day, dealers were seen with their customers discussing deals while the staff of the ten dealers currently selling FUSO trucks were exposed to content in the “Workshop 2.0”, which followed up on the first session 100 days prior.

Using the workshop, FUSO aimed at creating a platform to learn the Daimler Way; to create awareness, understanding and to embrace the way of working with the brand. “All here are to be successful,” was the motto the trainer instilled into the participants.

In the first workshop, held at the end of 2017, the group of FUSO dealers identified their BHAG, the Big Hairy Audacious Goal, as “FUSO to be the No 1 in Thailand by 2022.” Working towards this, the dealers were reminded of the mission of the brand and what the future of mobility is to be like. FUSO terms this as CASE, which stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared Services and Electric.
Values of the brand, as defined in the Daimler way are represented by PRIDE, an abbreviation translating into Passion, Respect, Integrity and Discipline. These values are to connect internal and external stakeholders and indicate what is important to the brand and what is not.

Currently, FUSO entertains some 10 dealers with 12 touchpoints for customers. These touchpoints range from mobile workshops all the way to fully fledged 3-S centres. This year, FUSO will double the number of touchpoints with the existing dealers. “The strategy is to have as many touchpoints with as little investors as possible,” says Sascha Ricanek, CEO, Daimler Commercial Vehicles Thailand Ltd. The first of these new workshops will open in Bangkok shortly and these are dedicated to servicing the needs of the customers. With most customers being headquartered in Bangkok, discussions take place there while the operation is mostly outside the city. Adjusting the levels of service provided in each region proofs difficult as vehicles may be sold in one region but are registered in another to operate.