Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of G3 Global Bhd, has targeted to become the country's top telematics solution provider.

"We want to become the number one telematics solution provider in Malaysia," said its marketing manager Firdaus Rahim at an exclusive interview with Asian Trucker.
Firdaus said that moving forward, Malaysians can expect more features added into the telematics system from Atilze.

Meanwhile, Atilze's senior sales manager Jeffrey Wong said that most industry players have the telematics system installed, but not many of them know how to use it.

"Fleet management and in-vehicle management system, also known as telematics devices, are already a trend for at least ten years. Most of the industry players got it installed because of the requirement from the government or their respective clients," said Wong.

He mentioned that in terms of operation wise, some operating managers know how to use it, but on the customer service end, most of them have no knowledge of using the system. "The majority of them do not know how to use it. Malaysians are not trained to use a good telematics system," said Wong.

Wong explained that having the knowledge to take advantage of the telematics system will help a company to save cost in the long run. "With the data collected, we could monitor the vehicle's performance, driver's behavior, reduce operation cost, increase productivity and improve safety," said Wong.