eDumpersThe world's largest electric vehicle is a 110 tonnes electric dump truck that is capable of carrying 65 tonnes of materials - the Komatsu eDumper.

Manufactured by Switzerland's Kuhn Schweiz AG, the eDumper measuring in at a length of 10m, a width of 4.24m, a height of 4.40m and a wheelbase of 4.30m. It is powered by a 4.4 tonnes 600kWh battery, equivalent to six Tesla Model S electric battery.

The electric motor delivers about 9 500 Nm of torque and 800 hp. It is more powerful than its conventional turbodiesel 23.2-litre engine that churns out 749 hp.

It has a regenerative braking system that charges the battery when the eDumper is making its downhill journey. It is able to transport 300 000 tonnes of materials per year, over the next 10 years.

What's amazing about the world's largest electric vehicle is that it releases zero emissions and will be able to reduce about 199 tonnes of CO2 released a year.

The eDumper could also help companies to save up to 12 000 litres of diesel each year. The previous Komatsu eDumper model was given the biggest EV in the world title in 2017.

There are also other truck makers who are venturing into electric trucks, such as Daimler and Volkswagen.

According to a report from Navigant Research, the worldwide sales of hybrid and electric trucks for the commercial market will reach nearly 105 000 units by 2020.

Early this year, Volvo Buses unveiled its world's first full-size autonomous electric bus, and it is undergoing tests at Singapore.