BYD and Hino to Focus on Commercial Battery-Electric Vehicles Development

Created: 06.May 2020

BYD Company Ltd. (hereafter known as BYD) and Hino Motors, Ltd. (hereafter known as Hino) have signed a strategic business alliance agreement to collaborate in commercial battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) development. A BEV is a type of electric vehicle (EV) that exclusively uses chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs with no secondary source of propulsion.

Both companies will accelerate the development of commercial BEVs to provide the best product for customers in a timely manner. To begin with, the two companies will prioritise development of BEV products. By utilizing both knowledge and experience, BYD and Hino will cooperate in retail and other related businesses that will promote the adoption of BEV.  

On this partnership agreement, Wang Jie, BYD Vice President and CEO of commercial vehicle division, stated in a release that "BYD Commercial Vehicle and Hino Motors have been committed to technology innovation and global promotion of commercial vehicle electrification. The cooperation between the Chinese and Japanese companies will benefit the development of commercial vehicle electrification by introducing leading technology and rich experience, which will accelerate the global adoption of pure electric commercial vehicles."

Taketo Nakane, Hino's Director and Senior Managing Officer said, "We are pleased with this collaboration aiming to realize commercial BEVs that are truly beneficial to customers both in practically and economically. By bringing together BYD's achievement in BEV development and Hino's electrification technology and reliability built over years of experience in developing hybrid vehicles, we will develop the best-fit commercial BEV products for consumer in working towards swift market introduction”.

BYD started in 1995 as a battery R&D and manufacturing company. It masters core EV technologies including battery, IGBT, electric motor and electronic controls, and has become a company that provides comprehensive new energy solutions such as new energy passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, forklifts, and power battery products.

BYD Commercial Vehicle is a world-leading brand with an extensive product line-up ranging from pure electric coach and bus to pure electric truck. Since the first commercial operation of the BYD K9 pure electric bus in Shenzhen in 2011, BYD’s footprint can be found in more than 300 cities across over 50 countries and regions around the world. BYD has sold over 50,000 units of pure electric bus and coach, ranking first on the global pure electric bus and coach sales.

Hino was founded in 1942 and has since grown alongside its customers and societal development through its business of providing trucks and buses. In 1991, Hino released the world's first commercially available hybrid vehicle in the form of a heavy-duty urban transit bus. For nearly thirty years since, Hino has constantly strived to innovate EV technology, putting light-duty electric vehicle buses and medium-duty plug-in hybrid buses in operation. Hino’s heavy-duty truck with the newest 6th Generation Hybrid system offers the convenience of a diesel truck while improving fuel efficiency by about 15% (compared to diesel trucks, based on Hino internal research). Hino contributes to customer businesses with products that strike a balance between environmental-friendliness and practicality.