Hyva Offers New Underbody Scissor System

Created: 02.November 2020

While the brand is famous for their front end telescopic cylinders, Hyva has reacted to market demands and added underbody scissor lifts to their portfolio. Already put to action in Indonesia is their own 32 tons underbody scissor system for dump trucks . "We are world market leader in front end telescopic cylinders, but this part of the market is used to underbody scissors. We as Hyva has this in our range as well, together with our reliable hydraulics from the telescopic cylinder this is a perfect solution for Japanese as well European trucks," said  Jeffrey Zuidgeest, Managing Director of  PT. Hyva Indonesia.

According to him, more variants of the scissor lift are being introduced now to accommodate various uses. The in-house development was spurred by the demand from the market and introduced to the Indonesian market in recent exhibitions. Hyva observed that there is a preference for underbody scissor lifts in Southeast Asia, whereas the system is not the favoured option in Europe. "One advantage of the scissor lift is the slightly faster tipping cycle, which seems to be the determining factor here, where mining operations are making up a big part of our market," Zuidgeest added.