Representatives from Scania Malaysia who brought Asian Trucker’s staff for the walk-through include Mr Bala Subramanian, Workshop Manager (Production, Engineering and Logistics) of Regional Product Centre, Mr Khuzai bin Baharuddin, Process Development Manager of Regional Product Centre Malaysia and Ms Rofidah Azman, Marketing and Communications Manager of Scania Southeast Asia.

Along the tour, Mr Khuzai explained the Real Time Management (RTM) system adopted by Scania. Under RTM system, any issue raised during the production phase is aimed to be solved within a day, in accordance to what it stands for- “Real Time”. To ensure employees’ motivation and skills always keep on par with work demands, RTM meeting is held every morning to follow up the process, what happened previous day regarding safety, quality, rejections and line stop. What stands out is that employees acquire the autonomy of work by evaluating themselves how satisfied they feel on each aspect of work performance. Mr Khuzai also pointed out that not only the work performance is taken care of in Scania, but also employees’ emotions.

As the staff empowerment is valued, everyone in the workplace is encouraged to participate and present their expertise and opinions regardless of position. The management practices go and see what improvements the team members have done.

Mr Bala said that there used to be an all-male environment in Scania RPC, but currently they have five female employees on board. He added the fact that they hired an employee who is over 50 years old, which indicates any discrimination such as racism or ageism is not encouraged in Scania especially during the hiring process. Having diversity of workplace as one of the top features in Scania, everyone is hired based on skills regardless of background.