Combatting Fraud and Counterfeiting to Ensure Safety of Your Business

Created: 19.April 2021

Hua Jing obtains overseas multi-country trademark certification, Hua Jing trademark recognition to guard against counterfeiting.

In today’s economic globalization, having a strong brand is the “green card” of Chinese products and the “business card” of Chinese manufacturing image, while a trademark is the most important intellectual property right of famous Chinese brands. 

A counterfeit product is usually of inferior quality and buyers may be putting their business reputation at risk should a cheaper, yet fake product be used. In case of a product failure, warranty claims will not be honored, while bodily harm could occur and not be compensated either, should such copied products lead to accidents.

Recently, Hua Jing axle’s “HJ” trademark has successfully obtained the Madrid international trademark certification, and successfully passed in India, Malaysia, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco and other countries and regions of international registration. In addition to the Madrid International Trademark Organization multinational certification, Hua Jing also obtained Peruvian national trademark certification. This is of great significance to the global
establishment of the Hua Jing brand, commodity protection, trademark investment, prevention of infringement and other aspects. Hua Jing was able to transform technology and brand advantages into intellectual property advantages through law, and to transform intellectual property advantages into competitive advantages in the market within
the framework of the World Trade Organization.

This measure will not only help Huajing’s customers identify their brand but also protect them against the counterfeit products which are usually of inferior quality. Huajing understand this customer requirement and they act in accordance with their demand. Protecting and safeguarding the brand image is of most importance in the coming future, and Huajing is committed to it.

Since its establishment in 2002, Huajing Machine Manufacture Co, Ltd has grown into one of biggest trailer parts solution providers in China. The company has made several technology transformations and built our own production techniques which results in the high and consistent quality of our products. “As our product gains more and more recognition and popularity in oversea market, we are aware that there are increasingly more counterfeit products of HJ available in overseas markets,” a Huajing Machine Manufacture spokesperson told Asian Trucker. To ensure you are buying only genuine HJ Brand products and are not cheated by counterfeited products, Huajing requests customer to contact their customer support team via the official website. 

“Herein, we declare HuaJing original brand trademark is this one:”. ”Further, we would also like to announce that the legal ownership of this trademark belongs to Huajing Axle, and our company’s ownership of this trademark is protected by law.” Unfortunately, fraud and counterfeiting does not stop at actual products. Fraudsters are also trying to deceive users by using fake website addresses. Huajing Machine Manufacture pointed out that they have three official websites:, which is currently used and www.hjaxle. cn and, which will be launched in Feb.2021. 

As an example, the site is a fake website operated by counterfeit product provider. Huajing Machine Manufacture would like to convey that Intellectual property and product development goes hand in hand. Therefore, in the future, Huajing will continue to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, while continuing the effort to become the top trailer parts solution provider with best quality product.

“We are taking legal measures against counterfeit product seller. If you find any counterfeit Huajing products in your market, please provide relevant evidence to our company or report to the local industrial and commercial bureau or intellectual property office,” is the message that Huajing Machine Manufacture would like to convey.

Intellectual property and product development goes hand in hand. Therefore, in the future, Huajing will continue to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, while continuing the effort to become the top trailer parts solution provider with best quality product.