DCVT Highlights New FUSO 2021 Product Enhancements in Fluid Business Landscape

Created: 05.August 2021

Daimler Commercial Vehicles Thailand (DCVT) is pleased to announce FUSO 2021 product line-up enhancements in both the Medium-duty truck (MDT) and Heavy-duty truck (HDT) segments, as it moves to tempt new customers with the model line's fuel efficiency, improved performance and enhanced safety features.

The new or improved MDT and HDT products include stalwart FUSO models: FI1217, FJ1523R, FJ2528C, FJ2528RMC, and FZ4928TT. The new enhanced line-up features aerodynamic accessories that lessen wind friction and improve fuel-efficiency with wind plates and outer visors mounted on both the windshield and sided-bumper in HDT segment, while a sided-louver has been attached to the truck bonnet in the MDT segment.

An enhanced engine air inlet system delivers better performance in HDT FI1217C and F1217R models, reducing dust particles and moisture that could contaminate in an air inlet system, complemented by a robust truck head lock by latch with actuator.

Safety is a core FUSO concern with improvements in driver blind spot reduction, cabin safety and steep slope accents or descents all prominently featured. All HDT model have added another wide-angle mirror to reduce the driver’s blind spot while MDT models FI1217C and FI1217R have thicker rear-view mirrors to improve vison for driver. An extensive brake system uses an override switch to provide another protective measure on steep slopes.
All models in both MDT and HDT segments also offer upgraded interior designs with new grey-brown tone colour schemes plus 3D honeycomb pattern seats ergonomically designed to support different driver’s body types during long-haul drives.

Mr. Stefano Giordani, CEO of DCVT said, “Although there was a slight improvement in late 2020, overall the 2021 economic outlook remains challenging. To cope with this fluid business landscape, we will continue to principally focus on product development and aftersales services for the remainder of 2021.”