Getting Ready: Putzmeister Cement Pump Headed for Mongolia

Created: 28.April 2021

Mention the name of any of the players involved in this order for a special purpose vehicle and you have an icon of the industry on your hand. There is no further introduction needed when it comes to the vehicle that is providing basis of this unit: The Mercedes Atego. Whichever sector of the construction industry one operates in and with whatever vehicle configuration, the Atego is a particularly versatile truck that makes light work of operations in the construction industry.

Our next protagonist is a Putzmeister cement pump that is mated to the Atego. With some special adaptations, this combo is destined for underground work in one of Mongolia’s mines, where the pump will be deployed to support the extraction of valuable deposits. Having just received its coats of paints, the vehicle is about to be shipped via Rail through Russia all the way to Mongolia where additional equipment such as ROPS ( Roll over protection ) from Australia will be installed.

Orchestrating the entire process is home-grown brand MSM, which has recently been appointed by Putzmeister as their local distributor in Mongolia. A long-standing Mercedes distributor and provider of specialist equipment to the mining industry, the expertise of the company has made this choice easy for the manufacturer of the specialist equipment from Germany.

Commenting on the project was Mr Mark Gabel, who also hails from Germany, by saying “These are truly exciting times as we are involved in some of the biggest Mine projects in Mongolia. We appreciate the trust put in us by all the parties involved and we look forward to gaining valuable insights once the Putzmeister pump is being put to its intended use.”