Huajin Recognised with Award

Created: 27.January 2021

Since the new Chinese national standard 2019 issuing, disc brakes axle have drawn unprecedented attention in Chinese market. As a result, the setup of a combo kit with air suspension and disc brakes has become indispensable for the trailer industry. Huajing, as a leading innovator and developer for air suspension in China, take up a dominant role in air suspension supply in the Chinese market. Its top-quality, lightweight disc brake axles have received positive feedback and lots of compliments from users based on their experience, and become the customer’s first choice for their trailer solution in the new area.

Their safety-focused and wear-resistant products are the result of continuous innovation of technology and perfect services. In acknowledgement of this, Huajing recently received high recognition from industry peers as the company won the 2020 China Chemical Logistics Industry "Golden Tank Award ". This is for the category of safety equipment within the “Technology Innovation Award”.