Asian Trucker Launches Improved Service Locator Map

Created: 05.October 2020

Asian Trucker announces the re-launch of the Service Locator Map. It now comes with additional functionality and improved user interface. The comprehensive locator shows listed businesses and allows for users to find the nearest workshop. 

In tandem with a revised website, the Service Locator Network was given an update too. Based on the original tool, there have been several improvements. For example, users of mobile devices can now search for the nearest workshop and immediately call or have the route to the location shown. 

Visually more attractive, the locator will initially show several hundred locations with new ones added as and when businesses decide to use this tool to advertise their location to the market. Asian Trucker noted that many workshops do not have an online presence or Google location listing. Using the Locator as their advertising avenue, workshops can quickly and efficiently put their name on a map.

 In addition, service networks can be compared between brands by filtering for several makers of trucks and buses. This can be used as a tool to evaluate which brand has the best workshop coverage for specific routes. 

To have your business listed, contact June via / +60 19-620 1163