Legendary FUSO FN2527 Truck Returns with new 10-gear FUSO Splitter Transmission

Created: 17.July 2021

Daimler Commercial Vehicles Thailand (DCVT) is pleased to announce the return of FUSO's legendary FN2527 truck, known for its outstanding performance over the most difficult terrain, with new 10-gear FUSO Splitter transmission.

The flagship model remains popular among tough terrain users due to its exceptional performance and durability.

Ms. Patcharin Asavakenkul, Head of Network Development and Marketing of DCVT, said, “Even though the FUSO FN2527 hasn't been imported into Thailand for a while, our customers continue to request it. At DCVT, we take great pride in listening to client feedback and meeting their needs.

“Furthermore, reintroducing FN2527 expands the product line to cover a broader market segment in Thailand,” Ms. Patcharin added.

The return of the FN2527 brings a fresh design in addition to the new Splitter transmission, and customers can be confident in the high quality of genuine 'Made in Japan' parts and products that the brand is famous for.

Main features of the FN2527 include:
• 270 horsepower to help haul the heaviest loads
• 10-gear FUSO Splitter transmission to take on the toughest terrain
• Air Over Hydraulic (AOH) Brake System and exhaust brake to ensure safety
• Rear Axle Ratio (RAR) of 7.4 for better towing capacity and fuel economy

These specifications, ideal for 90 percent off-road use and 10 percent on-road use, combined with FUSO's 'Made in Japan' pedigree make it well suited for heavy mining or cross-country construction in developing rural areas with unpaved roads.