LinkHaul: Where Freight Forwarders and Hauliers Meet

Created: 23.August 2021

The search for improved efficiency, better use of available capacity and the quest for a unifying system has inspired Link Effect Sdn Bhd to create a smart platform, custom-build to serve the needs of hauliers. Development started in 2018 and in the following year, Linkhaul was officially introduced, opening up opportunities to leverage on IoT to improve the performance of freight forwarders and hauliers alike.

Signaling the next phase of growth, LinkHaul is now introducing a new website. The site has seen a significant improvement in loading times, ease of use and functionality while staying true to the idea of connecting Hauliers and Forwarders.

Soon-An, Managing Director of LinkHaul said “This is a significant step. As we round out our offering, we need to ensure that this platform is up to speed to meet the needs of our partners.” He promised that there will be a lot more good news coming in the next coming months.

Making it Easy for Shippers and Consignees

Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things, dedicated Apps make it easy for shippers to execute jobs assigned to them while consignees will be informed about the status of their deliveries along the way. Early notifications about container movements about to take place make it easy to plan resources. Drivers no longer need to return to the office to collect documents while the system works with a minimum of disruptions for interaction with officials.

Transparent Pricing and Payment Options
With the details entered into the system, each job is swiftly managed in terms of the financials. Once a job is completed, LinkHaul will manage the payments as well, complete with ledgers and documentation that can be printed if needed. The use of LinkHaul reduces the need for manual accounting as well, thus freeing valuable capacity.