NITTSU Transport Becomes Scania Malaysia’s First International Ecolution Partner

Created: 09.September 2020

Five brand new Scania trucks were part of the backdrop for the signing of the Ecolution agreement between Scania Malaysia and NITTSU Transport. Held on 9 September, the signing was performed by Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia and Billy Tee, Director, Nittsu Transport Service (M) Sdn Bhd, or Nittsu.

NITTSU has been a long-time user of Scania trucks. With the delivery of the latest batch of Scania New Truck Generation to NITTSU, the Swedish brand makes up a large portion of the fleet. “Today is a very special day as this signifies the first international fleet to sign up for the Exolution partnership,” said Enström during the event. Scania’s Ecolution is a partnership, whereby truck maker and user enter in agreement to take measures to reduce fuel consumption, thus not only decreasing CO2 output, but also becoming more efficient and profitable. This is done by optimising the trucks, driver training and monitoring of the performance of the vehicles. Based on the observations, further measures are then discussed and implemented. She added that Scania has a long-standing tradition of finding the most sustainable solutions and working hand in hand with their customers. As such the signing today was a testimony to the ongoing effort to reduce emissions.

The signing of Scania’s Ecolution partnership is saddled on the already impressive initiatives NITTSU is having to reduce fuel consumption. Since 2012, NITTSU has taken steps to reduce the impact on the environment. Being the first to achieve the climate goals set by the United Nations, NITTSU is now striving to further improve on the already impressive achievements. Said Tee “I am sure that with these new trucks, we can manage to do this! When looking at the newly launched trucks last year, we realised that we will need the latest and the best in order to support us in our ambition.”

During the event, both parties signed and exchanged the agreements before peeling off the covers on stickers now brandished on the cabs of the trucks.