ProVia Adds to Product Line-Up

Created: 31.May 2021

Launched in 2016 to instant acclaim, it filled a niche in the commercial vehicles aftermarket, delivering no-frills value for money with the peace of mind previously only available from premium brands.

It is a low-cost brand with no safety compromises. It meets the highest manufacturing and quality standards. This combination was exactly what the market desired, and the growth of ProVia has been rapid. 

The initial offering of 40 parts across 4 product lines has constantly increased, with the range now including over 300 parts across 30 of the most popular CV product lines, covering 2 700 OEM x-references. The brand is now available in more than 65 countries from over 720 distributors with new outlets coming on-stream every month. 

Here are the latest additions to the product catalogue: 

WABCO Gearbox Control Units: The Smart Way

Repair kits from WABCO breathe new life into Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) fitted to Daimler and Volvo commercial vehicles, and the ZF AMTs used in DAF, MAN and IVECO trucks and buses.

The solution minimizes maintenance downtime by guaranteeing a fast repair by retaining the original parts. Using WABCO repair kits returns the original gearbox actuator to full working order, often without the need to remove the entire transmission or use specialist tools.

This is a growing market within a highly cost-effective maintenance regime. WABCO’s AMT repair kits cover the widest range of Daimler, Volvo and ZF AMTs, backed up by WABCO's comprehensive, worldwide distribution network.

Brake Signal Transmitter

WABCO Braking Signal Transmitter generates electrical and pneumatic signals required for the control of the electro-pneumatic braking system.

Signals are accurately adjusted to the braking force in order to provide maximum control when braking, which include the braking start and the braking level.

Additionally, the brake signal transmitter is equipped with an integrated silencer and filters to minimize the influence on the environment and to protect the pneumatic system of the vehicle. Its interface is tailored to fit foot pedals manufactured by different vehicle manufacturers.

Desiccant Cartridge

Inside the pneumatic system, the air dryer cartridge is an important, safety-relevant component. Installed between the compressor and reservoirs a cartridge is the first line of defense protecting a vehicle’s air system.

• Reduced height (135 mm)
• Perfect fit for DAF truck application
Key Features
• Standard Cartridge type
• Filter water
• Covering M41×1.5 right-hand thread
• Up to 14 bar working pressure  

Servo Master

The servo master is an air I hydraulic unit used in heavy vehicles, which provides hydraulic pressure to engage and disengage clutch through slave cylinder. The ProVia clutch servo is the zero compromise on safety choice when original equipment quality no longer pays off in the TCO calculation of the vehicle.

Key Features
• High corrosion resistance proven in the 96h Neutral Salt Spray Test
• Low leakage rates for reliable product performance and consistent quality

Have WABCO Fittings Overview at Your Fingertips

Making it easy to identify parts, ProVia offers a poster that you can use as a reference chart in your workshop. It shows all the fittings available from Provia. Download your Poster here: