Tyre Pressure Monitors Improve Safety

Created: 22.February 2021

Looking for ways to further enhance the safety for the driver and cargo, one will eventually come across tyre pressure monitors. In Malaysia, YonMing had just the right application to be added to the truck A punctured tyre would be trouble enough for any transporter. Take for instance a horse trailer. In this case, the delicate nature of the passengers commands that extra steps would be taken. In many cases, a failing tyre announces itself in advance and disaster strikes.

When transporting horses, a blow out would mean that the animals would be stressed, experience additional fatigue and if the blow out is severe and leading to a crash, the animals could even be injured or killed. One such truck has just been delivered to Asia Horse Power after being fabricated by Jithra (Ji-Auto).

Representing Quality Trailer Parts Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of YonMing, Lee Chin How, Senior Branch Manager, got involved in the planning of the features of the truck and he suggested the Seetron tyre pressure monitor to be added for an extra layer of safety. “We can confidently say that we are offering one of the best systems for such application,” he said. 

In modern cars, tyre pressure warnings will be displayed in the dashboard. The Seetron system works the same way whereby the solution for commercial vehicles can measure up to 30 tyres, which is suitable for low-loaders. Earlier, such systems were prone to failures, which were linked to the high humidity. “However, the system that we are offering now is identical to the ones build into passenger cars and the problems have been solved.” According to him, the Seetron system can be used for LCV, MCV and prime movers including trailers.

In the case of the horse trailer, the rationale is simple: considering the overall cost of the truck, the investment is small, yet if it can avoid any problems, the savings are immense. Even if a tyre blows, the driver still has a chance to prepare for it as the system is likely to give an advance warning. Seetron’s application is going a step further as it also measures the temperature of the tyres. A underinflated tyre will generate more heat. “This may even come to a point where the wheelhub explodes as a result of overheating or brakes may be severely impacted.” Beyond that, avoiding tyre blow outs also reduces the chance of other vehicles being impacted by the incident.

Furthermore, regular maintenance of the tyres is made easy. Instead of relying on drivers and service staff to check the pressure on a regular basis, the system informs about the status of all tyres at all times. For best results, Lee recommends to use the monitor to be fixed inside the truck. “We note that drivers may use a lot of excuses when they are to use apps on their own phone. Also, not having a phone is a safer way of operating it as there is less distraction.