What are Repair Kits and Why do you Need them?

Created: 31.July 2021

Are you looking to speed up repairs and boost your quality of your work? Then you need to ensure you have the right tools at your disposal says WABCO.

To support your daily work and overall efficiency, WABCO offers a large selection of premium repair kits and first-class parts specifically designed to ensure you can replace worn or broken parts with one of the best options available.

What’s more, every WABCO kit and component comes with clear guidelines as well as handy tips and tricks to ensure all your mechanics get the job right the first time, do so at a reasonable cost and keep customer vehicles in top condition.

Save money on replacements – We all know that vehicle downtime is expensive for fleets but sometimes replacing a spare part does not pay off in the total cost of ownership for a vehicle. When you decide to go for WABCO repair solutions you choose the best deal for the repair job thanks to our high quality standards and the availability of a comprehensive repair package. It’s the smart way to repair!

A quality and safe repair – Today’s market is awash with repair kits for almost every repair case. But the availability of a kit does not guarantee you are buying a safe, qualitative product. WABCO is an OE manufacturer of choice and provides you with the product standards and aftermarket service you and your customers expect.

The perfect match for your WABCO part – If a part is worn or broken, the most ideal option is to simply replace it by an original WABCO replacement piece. But often replacing a component of that part may be enough. WABCO’s leading quality repair kits deliver the original components originally used in the parts during production. That way you ensure an ideal fit of the components in the device.

The right information at your fingertips – Most workshops deal with a variety of parts and components during the day working on the entire vehicle. WABCO provides workshops with detailed repair instructions with its repair solutions ensuring they have all the details and can perform the repair effectively and worry free.

Seamless identification of the right repair kit – You know which component to repair, but you don’t really know how to find the repair kit for it? Not a problem with WABCO Repair Solutions! Check the video tutorial and discover how to find a proper repair kit for your device.