Finally – Asian Trucker Launches Their Own Truck Range

Created: 31.March 2021

Having been in and around trucks for over a decade and listening to the needs and wants of operators, Asian Trucker has taken the next step and developed an own range of commercial vehicles. Based on extensive research conducted by the Asian Trucker team, the result is a modern, practical and efficient answer to the woes of the industry.

“We have worked with the top brands in the industry to amalgamate the best in class in order to create a vehicle fit for the Asian market,” said Stefan Pertz, who has worked in secret on this project in order to not shake up the market pre-maturely. Specifically made for the Asian market, the trucks are meant to fit into the environments found across the continent. As initial offering and first model, “The Asian Trucker -SP1” is a medium duty truck that is crafted to be an inner-city vehicle.

Focus groups have helped to shape the vehicle. Components are of high quality where it matters and cheaper components are used where savings make sense. “This way, we got the best mix between quality and cost,” he said further. The truck is also modular where it makes sense. For instance, a passenger seat can be added, but is optional as many companies do not require a second seat in the cab. A number of modules can be added instead. Among the options to fill the space is a fish tank (Arowana not included). Some items were subject to a lot of debate. For instance, the question if turn signals would really be needed…..

Asian Trucker did not stop there: The trucks will come in a CKD set, complete with jigs, rigs and tools to allow owners to assemble the vehicle themselves. “This way, cost for the assembly is not applicable, making The Asian Trucker – SP 1 even more attractive. Also included in the set are the diagnostic tools so that service and maintenance can be carried out in any workshop that prides itself in having a mechanic.

The exclusive unveiling will be announced later this week. Heavy discounts are promised to those that manage to find the venue.

“We are excited! Finally, we can put all our knowledge into the next project and demonstrate how we interpret and shape the commercial vehicle industry.”

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