Hyva Deploys Disinfection Vehicle

Created: 14.September 2021

Preventive measures are a must to control the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. Hence, Hyva released a Disinfection Vehicle (DV). Early in July, the Covid cases increased in Yangzhou, which lead to a complete lockdown of the city. Therefore, Hyva deployed the disinfection vehicle in Yang Zhou, to disinfect public areas every day to prevent the spread of the virus. "Preparedness should be a priority for future pandemic outbreaks" a Hyva spokesperson said.

Key features of the disinfection vehicle are equipped with high-temperature cleaning with added disinfectant for disinfection, high pressure cleaning gun to disinfection on the ground with a wide range of application scenarios. It can improve the effectiveness of disinfection activities, thus preventing the spread of the virus in common areas.

While disinfecting the public areas, it is also important to improve hygiene in environmental services. Therefore, Hyva’s bin cleaning vehicle is the perfect partner: improve environmental service levels by ensuring the hygiene of garbage bins, at domestic or commercial premises, with no negative impact through spillage or leakage. The specialist vehicle is equipped with high pressure and high-temperature water cleaning system in a sealed compartment. It comprises of two plastic water tanks (clean water and dirty water), two water heaters, a high-pressure pump, and a jet spray system within a sealed compartment.