New OKO Tyre Sealant Product Launch at the MCVE

Created: 01.March 2022

OKO Malaysia uses the ‘MCVE ‘for the Malaysian Launch of the mobile fitting service for OKO’s outstanding tyre sealant for motorbikes. With good reason, as many drivers of commercial vehicles get to work on a motorbike.

Punctures in a 4 wheel vehicle are a big inconvenience – but much more so (dangerous even) with a 2 wheel vehicle. Especially if the main bread winner travels to and from work on only two wheels.

“Many riders we have spoken to, are aware of earlier tyre sealants for tubeless tyre motorbikes, but they have complaints that they do not last, they create imbalanced wheels and vibration, only seals 2-3mm punctures if it still works!” Graham Carmichael, Director, OKO Malaysia told Asian Trucker. According to him, there have also been numerous complaints about wheel rim corrosion when using other products.

OKO’s On Road Motorbike sealant uses the latest sealant technology and customers will suffer none of the above complaints.

The reason for that is that OKO’s formulation uses no latex/ammonia mixtures, which can create allergies if the sealant comes into contact with skin. Also in very rare cases, it may cause death via anaphylactic shock. OKO sealant’s formulas have been developed to ensure no ingredients will damage wheels or tyres. More importantly, OKO reduces the risk of a puncture causing the rider to fall off after losing control of the motorbike.

Carmichael stresses these key points for OKO Motorbike sealant:
- Lasts the life of the tyre
- Creates no vibration/imbalanced wheels
- Seals multiple punctures of 5mm instantaneously
- Washes out with water if the puncture is bigger than 5mm and you want to repair the tyre.
- The seal strength is 1.6 time stronger than a Patch repair and 6 time stronger than a ‘plug’ repair.
- If the puncture is larger than5mm, OKO will still try and seal the puncture and allow the rider to bring the bike to a stop with some control.

OKO Motorbike tyre sealant prices start from a very reasonable RM35-40 per motorbike for the smaller ‘kapcais’; up to RM85-90+ for the very largest bikes
Here is the link to tell customers just how much OKO is needed (in ml) per tyre size

“Why do we launch at the MCVE? Well we know that many Truck drivers use a motorbike to drive to the yard they collect their trucks from. Getting a puncture while on the way to work might mean you miss out on a job, or if you are coming home after a day’s work you just to not want that hassle,” he said further. Obviously, this brings benefits for both employee and employer.

Of course, what better way to launch this New Product and Service, than with a Special Offer for the Members of the Asian Truckers Club!

Special Offer For the three days of the MCVE, OKO Malaysia and their Dealer, Saxa Sdn Bhd, will provide FREE OF CHARGE’ the correct dose of OKO Tyre sealant for the first 15 Asian Trucker Club Members, who bring their bikes to the OKO Mobile fitting booth by the Scania “A Good Driver” Competition in the outdoor area. Riders must be able to prove membership of the Asian Truckers Club. The offer is limited to one bike per Club member.