Tyre Trial to Prove Safety and Performance

Created: 27.January 2022

To prove the durability, performance and safety of retreaded tyres, transporters, Malaysian retreaders and rubber compounders partner up to put some misconceptions to rest.

The concept of retreading tyres is over 100 years old. Although the technology and materials have vastly improved since then, there are still some misconceptions that are hard to eradicate. When we see a burst tyre discarded on the side of the road, it is impossible to see what actually caused the tyre failure as we are zipping past. Many motorists would simply assume that it is a retreaded tyre and a cheap one at that.

To prove some of the misconceptions wrong GiiB and Asian Trucker have agreed to conduct and monitor a long term test of retreaded tyres. The rubber compounder has agreed to provide free material and labour to a number of fleet operators in order to conduct this test. The rationale for using retread tyres goes beyond the intention to prove that retreads are safe to use. These tyres are also good for the cash flow, improving the bottom line and are reliable. In addition, retreading is contributing towards a more sustainable industry as the casings can be used multiple times. The biggest vote of confidence for retreaded tyres may come from a very different industry: retreads are used on commercial airplanes.