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Published: 28 February 2013

It’s the panther’s birthday

In comparison to the competition, DOLL demonstrates market-readiness with the panther-plus package: 5 years of warranty on all proprietary DOLL components in the vehicle: “Since after delivery hardly ever a vehicle returns to our workshop, the majority of our service personnel can be used for the production of new vehicles” says Rolf Gerhardt, engineering manager in the house, DOLL employee of 37 years’ standing. Third-party components are dispensed with in the panther to the utmost extent possible, because operational reliability and optimal driving characteristics require particularly precise matching of all components of the independent wheel suspension with the frame and chassis design. This tailored synchronization with the frame enables the specially patented panther components to completely do without soft bearings and use of rubber in the direction of the axles. Thus extraordinarily low maintenance and low wear are achieved, while driveability is concomitantly improved. This also means improvements in terms of road conservation – sustainability, which is estimated by authorities particularly in times like these when roads require preservation.

The panther’s third birthday thus emphasizes the maturity of the product, and at DOLL’s booth at Bauma it will be duly celebrated with all customers and prospects.