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Published: 02 February 2013

Malaysia's leading waste disposal company SWM continues to rely on Fuso with a purchase of 466 new trucks

“With large orders like these we are sustainably reinforcing our export business in important markets like Malaysia and Australia,” emphasized Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss, MFTBC Senior Vice President of Sales and After Sales Fuso. “Our broad-based sales network in over 150 countries and our strong sales partners are the best prerequisites for tapping into further market potential in our export countries.”

SWM Owns Largest Fleet of Fuso Vehicles in Malaysia

Fuso has won yet another large order from the waste disposal provider SWM (Southern Waste Management) founded in 1995. With 474 Fuso vehicles already in customer use today, SWM is expanding its Fuso fleet by 466 new medium-duty Fuso Fighter trucks to a total of 940 commercial vehicles of the Japanese Daimler subsidiary. This makes SWM into Malaysia's largest operator of Fuso trucks. Southern Waste Management is responsible for the collection, transport and disposal of all kinds of waste on the entire southern peninsula of Malaysia. SWM carries out the entire waste disposal activities of the Malaysia region, which is home to over 4 million people, with continued reliance on the dependable and eco-friendly vehicle technologies of its fleet vehicles.

Australian Logistics Provider StarTrack Buys 185 Fuso Trucks

StarTrack, Australia's largest freight and logistics company is supplementing its existing fleet of 3,000 trucks with 185 new vehicles of the light-duty type Fuso Canter. StarTrack has relied on the quality of the Fuso brand for quite some time. In 2011, the company established itself as operator of the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles on the Australian continent. The “green” fleet consists of several dozen Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid commercial trucks. StarTrack’s fleet of conventional and alternative-drive vehicles processes over 1.2 million shipments throughout Australia each week and thus relies to a particularly great extent on trucks with efficient fuel consumption.

On the Way to Becoming a Profitable Player with the “FUSO 2015” Growth Strategy

With the “FUSO 2015” growth offensive launched in the previous year, the company is striving to establish itself as a profitable global player with a strong base in the Japanese home market and a doubling of international sales in the medium term. The ambitious growth program is based on the five strategic pillars: Leader in Green Innovation, Customer Number One in Japan, Profitable Global Player, Efficiency Leader among Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturers, and Employer Number One in Japan. With a view to the successful implementation of the growth strategy, in the middle of 2012 Fuso optimized the sales structure to better satisfy customers´ requirements in over 150 markets worldwide.