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Published: 17 November 2015

Handover Ceremony of HINO SH1E Prime Mover to Mitsui-Soko (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Mitsui-Soko has expanded their transportation operation into Singapore. The company has decided to add HINO trucks to their fleet for this, citing that it is important to use a reputable prime mover brand. Given the stringent regulations in the island state, trucks also have to environment friendly.

The trucks of choice were the HINO SH1E prime mover, which are Euro 3 emission standard compliant, thus meeting the permissible HSU (Hartridge Smoke Units) requirements to be able to enter the country. The neighbouring country’s National Environment Agency (NEA) has lowered the permissible level of black smoke emitted from a vehicle from the previous 50 HSU to 40 HSU. As such, private and commercial vehicles that fall foul of the new ruling will be denied entry into the republic.

The HINO SH1E is equipped with a 420ps engine. The vehicles have a designed Gross Combinational Weight (GCW) of 55,000kg. Without stressing the vehicle with high payload this will definitely increase the life time of the vehicle.

“Many considerations were taken before we made this purchasing decision. HINO has an extensive parts and service network; the truck is also equipped with a number of good safety features. One of the support offers we have to highlight is the drivers training provided.” said Mr. Raunny Nair Ruthran, General Manager of Mitsui-Soko (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.