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Published: 07 December 2015

HINO hosts 2nd TS Contest

Following the success & positive reception of the 1st TS Contest 2014 held last year, the 2nd TS Contest was held at HINO HQ, Petaling Jaya on 5th December 2015. This annual event is not only to evaluate but also to foster the goodwill, rapport and communication in developing the contestants' skills & knowledge. To do so, Hino Motors Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd (HMSM) has once again invited its nationwide dealers to participate in the 2nd TS Contest that focuses on the 'HINO Total Support' activities.

"For the past 2 years, we have been focusing and dedicating dealers to provide "Total Support" activities not only in the Sales and After Sales areas but also other aspect of related activities which is common in the automotive trade," said Mr. lwamoto, the Managing Director of HMSM.

To be eligible for the 2nd TS Contest, all candidates from various categories, namely Sales Specialist & Sales Advisor,
Senior Technician (Mechanic) & Service Advisor, and the Part Senior & Part Advisor were screened and tested through
vigorous processes of theory, practical and role play based activities. All contestants were well represented by Sales, Service & Parts dealers across the nation (West and East Malaysia). This year, the contest saw a total of 150 participants. The contestants had to undergo the following:

Candidates are required to have a comprehensive understanding of various product line-ups not only limited to the
vehicle sales but also inclusive of all products, parts and after sales activities that align with the concept of Total
Support. A total of 63 Sales Contestants were be divided into 2 groups, namely Junior (< 3 years experience) and Senior
(>3 years experience). Prior Briefing & Training sessions were done to prepare candidates for the Contest. Questionnaires were prepared based on normal Sales Practice and Catalogue as a Reference Point.

Theory: Knowledge assessment on the entirel HINO product range, LCV, MCV, HCV & Buses. This year,candidates were
tested more on MCV. They were also being assessed on product advantages, government regulations, vehicle specification, FSP (Free Service Program), Pre-delivery inspection and Total Life Time Cost.

Practical: Skills assessment and role play of a proper sales process flow and techniques including detailed explanation
of Hino Life Time Cost Value, FSP (Free Service Program), correct model specification and usage. Senior candidates
were given questionnaires on MCV & HCV. Junior candidates were given questionnaires on LCV.


a) Service Advisor
A new category introduced in 2014, the Service Advisor plays a very important role in portraying the image and service quality of HINO After sales. He or she is at the front line at the service centre and has an important role towards overall customer satisfaction on service and repair jobs. The person must possess sufficient technical knowledge on HINO products, service and repair procedures, and most importantly has the ability to assist customers in attending to their vehicle's services and meeting customers' needs.

Theory: Evaluated on their knowledge in respective areas such as customer engagement, service and repair procedures. HINO Free Service Program (FSP), HINO Service Coupon Program. HQS Bulletin, campaign parts promotion & etc.

Proctical: Gauged through active role play interactions on customer communication, problem solving and explanation, knowledge on latest technical highlights, explanation on product knowledge etc.

b) Senior Technician
Every service centre needs a highly qualified Senior Technician to perform repair and rectification jobs at the highest level. This is an important role of the productive staff as this person will determine the quality service of HINO service network.

Theory: Assessed on knowledge of general vehicle technical specifications, theoretical repair techniques and procedures, usages on relevant tools and gauges, 55 activities etc.

Practical: Tested on engine diagnosis, engine trouble shooting, electrical system, service maintenance, vehicle quality inspection, usage of DX Tool and also will be gauged on while performing the tasks with speed, accuracy & in a safe manner.


a) Parts Advisor
The Parts personnel will be evaluated on his or her ability to provide solutions and advice to customers especially on parts related matters. Knowledge of parts management is essential to understand the total flow of parts delivery system.

Theory: Gauged on knowledge of customer service, attending to enquiries, Electronic Parts Catalogues (ETC), general vehicle information, warehouse safety, parts receiving, binning process etc.

Practical Role Play: Tested based on ability when facing customers to provide accurate information on parts related matters such as parts availability, explanation on parts usage, specifications and also promotion of parts to customers. There will also be a practical test on their knowledge of utilization of Electronic Parts Catalogues (EPC) to provide speed and accuracy in determining the correct parts to the right vehicle via model & chassis number.

Parts Senior

Theory: Gauged on knowledge on customer service, attending to enquiries, Electronic Parts Catalogues (EPC), general vehicle information, warehouse safety, parts receiving, binning process etc.

Proctical: Tested on understanding of warehouse safety, general vehicle information by model, campaign programs such as Free Service Program (FSP) & Service Coupon Program (SCP), together with some technical highlights on HINO products.