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Published: 05 January 2016

Do you know how good your drivers really are?

The FleetSafe online driver safety programme is being used by Fonterra in Asia and the Middle East, with over 470 drivers participating across 9 countries in 6 languages.

In Malaysia alone there are a total of 280 drivers in the language variations of Malay, English and Chinese. This is part of Fonterra’s continued safety awareness programme to help its people reduce the risks of being involved in an accident whilst driving on the road. The programme is designed to increase drivers driving safety awareness and to ensure that they go home safe every day.

The online e-learning driver safety training programme is the most advanced system of it’s kind in the world. The programme is not trying to teach anyone to drive. Instead, the focus is on reinforcing the need to drive safely and to increase awareness. The modules are designed to only take 15-20 minutes to complete, saving time and keeping employees productive with their daily activities. Modules can be undertaken on mobile phones or tablets and are spread over a period of time, not all at once.

The programme routinely sees a 30% reduction in collisions coupled with a reduction in the severity of their collisions. All modules utilise real life video footage, which leads to better retention rates by drivers and are individually customised with local content, footage and languages. The system automatically corresponds via email with drivers that have overdue lessons and this subtle reminder significantly improves compliance.

Malaysia Special Offer

To start making the year 2016 a safer one for everybody on the roads, we are offering the following modules as introduction specials:

Hazard Perception Evaluation with prescribed Defensive Driver Training Modules = S$ 190 per person

6 Targeted Defensive Driver Training Modules (2 & 4 wheel powered vehicles) = S$ 120 per person

Malaysia Special 3 Targeted Defensive Driver Training Modules = S$ 75 per person